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Need guidance on life direction, career choices or relationships? Looking to connect with a departed loved one? gives you direct access to Chanel’s psychic services by phone, live readings or corporate events. She serves Vancouver, BC and the Lower Mainland as well as the Northwest U.S. and Internationally.

A Psychic Master

Chanel (also known as Chantal or Chantale to her non-English clients) is renowned since 1996 as the owner of the Granville Island Psychic Studio, which provided quality psychics and mediums for spiritual and intuitive advice. During her time at Granville Island, she probably read for you or someone you know. Ask around! She offers Professional Intuitive Psychic Counselling and live reading on a rarely experienced level. With her many years in the public eye, it’s no wonder that so many come to Chanel for trusted and reliable readings. From mediumship and predictions to self-discovery, she does it all. Please ask for what you wish to experience.
Psychic Predictions Vancouver

Psychic Services:

  • Enlightenment & Empowerment
  • Mediumship (Messages from departed ones)
  • One-On-One Private Readings
  • Phone, Live & Corporate Events
  • Predictions: Life Direction, Career Choice, Relationship Commitment, Guidance
  • Psychology
  • Resolving Issues
  • Self-Discovery
  • Shared Full Life Experience

Psychic Techniques:

  • Crystal Ball
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Numerology
  • Ouija Board
  • Predictions & Forecast Tarot
  • Psycho Tarot
  • Runes
  • Tarot Cards, Palmistry & More

Talk to a Genuine Psychic Today

Chanel now has a new physical location since 2015, just 30 minutes south of the Oak Street bridge and 8 minutes north of the Peace Arch border crossing. And with convenient phone readings, she can serve anyone in any location! Contact her today to book a reading in-person or by phone. For your peace of mind, she is the first psychic to offer you a full refund: guarantee if no predictions happen within 6 months of your reading! You have nothing to lose and perhaps something to gain!

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DISCLAIMER: Chanel’s psychic services are for mentally and physically healthy adults. She is not a doctor. If you are under therapist care – or you know you should be – please do not seek a psychic; it often complicates your situation. Be patient with yourself; take the time to heal properly.


“Your words were ever gentle with guidance from the heart. Your eyes showed peacefulness that I yearned to share I do believe you touched me with your amazing grace. Your words touched me that day more then you will ever know. You ‘got me’ to a place where even I dare not go but that day with you, the tiny part of me that dwells down deep was awakened and now she no longer is allowed to sleep I find I’m very excited of the future my thoughts create.”
Susan Batchelor

“Chanel was dead on when it came to my career choices. She also pointed out my faults, which I knew I had to work on. She was able to give me some encouragement about problem areas through her reading.”

“I wanted you to know that the major event that was going to be horrible in October did take place and I took your advice of not getting involved and it worked!”

“I’ve known Chanel for 20 years; she’s an amazing and very talented Psychic. I recommend her to everyone. Chanel has guided me throughout many years of my life. Her truthful and spirited personality commands her talent. Her readings are always the best.”
Mireille Lapalme, B.A., BCom | Realtor Century 21

“I found my reading encouraging and helpful. I truly appreciated the honest messages and advice. I feel well and feel like getting ready to go on with my life. I am very grateful to you.”

“Truly amazing! The level of accuracy was incredible and definitely worth the money.”
Pina, Health Care Consultant

“The combination of techniques is much more interesting and fun! Be prepared to hear about yourself!”

“I came in to see you Dec.23. You gave me a great reading and said that I would be pregnant in January. My husband and I have been trying for over a year now after losing 2 pregnancies. Guess what, January 1st, first thing in the morning, I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!!!”

“Chanel, I saw you in June. Your reading came true, letting you know!”

“The reading was accurate from the start. It has given me hope and inspiration for the future.”

“I had a palm reading with Chanel. She accurately described my strengths and traits, and talked about how things could evolve if I followed my intuition and creativity. Her insight gave me confidence to do some things I’ve been a little unsure about and gave me hope for my future. It was an insightful and fun reading. I highly recommended!”